Bluestar's Prophecy

by Erin Hunter

Amy Jasso#15 hinkle/block 4

Bluestar is a cat that was born with pretty blue eyes. She grow up with her sisters and brothers. Her best sister friend is Snowfur.Bluestar is a very going to every where and dosen't care what other cats say kind of cat.She is very brave cat. She is the leader of Thunderclan. She want to protect her clan. When she was a kitten other cats some times made fun of her like when she when to go see whats in the hunting pile of food catsmade fun of her becsuse a dead rat fell on her.

Protagonist: Bluestar


A buttiful forest with alot of trees and animals, there are hunting dogs, clans of cats, petty grassland and rivers. battles of cats fighting for clans. To be the cats must be brave.


When Bluestar was a little kit she was a little trouble maker she had sometimes trouble with other cat that made fun of her. This story is mam vs nature.

Rissing Action:

At the warrior meeting they chose kits to find their name and their destiny to be a leader or warrior. They chose Bluekit (Bluestar)for her real name to find who she is they said, "Bluekit you shall be named Bluestar!"


Bluestar fell in love with Oakheart but when they did they had astrugle because there was a battle going to begin betwin the clans!

Falling Action:

Bluestar has become a leader but their was a battle beging their in the battle she lost her sister. Snowfur she was killed by a cat. Bluestar and Oakheart was being chased by dogs!


When Oakheart and Bluestar got back to there clan Bluestar looked back "No"Oakheart was hurt because of the dogs. At the end Oakheart died. Bluestar was heart broken but she know she had to go on being a leader for him.


This simbolises that losses may take you somewhere good even though it hurts. This book represents that it may be sad when you something but it may take you somewhere higher.

Why I Liked This Book:

I injoyed this book because it has alot of action in it. It teaches you a lesson. I also liked this book alot because it has Bluestar in it and she is my favorit warrior cat. She is very brave leader. I recomend this back to someone whe loves cats, likes action, death, or lessons, and saddness. Then the bock is very good for someone to read. This is Bluestars prophecy it is a high star book, Book rate for me you should read it. It will take your WoW!