What to Expect with Type 1 Diabetes

Jonathan Volker


Type 1 diabetes affect the pancreas. The beta-cells that produce insulin are gradually destroyed and soon cant produce insulin.

Diabetic diet

  • nutritional foods
  • avoiding food high in carbs
  • check blood sugar after a meal

Monitoring Blood Sugar

  • Taking blood to see your blood sugar
  • insulin injections regularly
  • monitor carbs intake

recommendations for exercise and lifestyle

  • Regular physical activity
  • good nutrition
  • monitoring carbs intake carefully

Biomedical professionals to talk to

  1. Dietician- talk about changing diet and monitoring carbs intake very carefully.
  2. Endocrinologist- will let you know if you have diabetes and will help you to maintain insulin injections.
  3. CDE-teaches people how to deal with diabetes and how to live with diabetes.