My 6 grade year at the beach


challenges I overcome

*I overcame pass testing.

*I overcame hard math classes.

*I overcame science classes.

*I overcame this school year.

what I learned in math

In math I learned fractions,ratios,decimals,3-d shapes,and finding surface area and area.

what I learned in science

In science I learned plats,animals,energy,and weather.

What I learned in social studies

I learned about the Renaissance,the middle ages, Rome,feudalism,crusades,etc.


One of the best things that happened was the field trip to wonder works.Another thing that I like was the trip to Dr.Hill and learning what and where all the classes are.Another thing that happened was the hoops for hearts and the walk the school thing.

My favorite......

*Topic of study is science.

*way to spend my time is to play on my Xbox.

*book is the Amulet series.

* thing about me is that i'm good at basketball.

*song right now is panda

*place right now is gravitopia.

*food is pizza

My new friends





Sticky situation

A challenge that I had this year was math.I overcame it by studying hard to do get good grades and I made all a's And b's.

Moving on

In the summer I am looking forward of going to Myrtle beach.In the future I am looking forward to get in the NBA.