POHW Before & After Poster

by Amanda Warren

1) Hollis' outlook on life

In the beginning, Hollis is sad and lonely after running away from many foster homes and hearing people say that she is a mountain of trouble. In the end, she is happy to be part of the Regan family.

This is a picture of a family, Hollis. No "W' words. page #1

2) Hollis and trusting pepole

At the beginning, Hollis did not trust anyone because she was left on the street and everyone called her a mountain of trouble and no one liked her. At the end, she finds the trust in Josie; Hollis cares and helps Josie and treats her like family.

She had a knife in her hand but she was beautiful. page #7

3) Caring a little more

At the beginning, Hollis didn't care about anyone but herself as no one really liked her. After when she meets the Regan family she starts to care. She makes a new friend in the Regan family and that would be Steven the boy.

Steven almost died because he dove in front of the bus; i was worried. page#14

4) The journey to be together

At the beginning, Hollis only cared for herself; she knew no one wanted her but at the end, she and Josie loved each other. They did not want to leave each other because the mustard woman was going to take her away so they ran away together so no one could take them apart.

Henry and I would fly to the end of the earth to be with you. page#76

5) Hollis meeting Steven

At the beginning, Hollis did not like Steven. He was a dirty mess but at the end Hollis grew to love him and cared about him. If he was hurt, Hollis would be there; if Hollis was hurt, Steven would be there.

Steven yelled JUMP HOLLY!. page #125

6) Hollis, Josie and Beatrice

At the beginning, Hollis lived with Josie for a foster home. They could not be apart. They loved each other a lot. Beatrice was Josie's best friend and she liked Hollis as well. At the end, Hollis and Josie run away so they can be together. Soon Josie misses Beatrice and is home sick. They go back home and Beatrice moves in with Josie and everyone is happy.

Don't worry. I am going to move in with Josie to help. page#161

7) A family for my own

in the beginning, Hollis did not have her own family. She had Josie and she thought that was good enough but Josie knew she needed a real family but she was good for right now. At the end, Josie and Betrice moved in with each other. Plus Hollis moves in with the Regan's, her new permanent family and they have a new baby girl. Hollis and Josie visit with each other every month and every one is very happy.

Every month we go to Long Island to see Josie and Beatrice, my best friends. page#165