Best Holidays!

By Andrew Mixdorf

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Best Holidays!

I couldn't wait for Thanksgiving because my birthday is on the same day as Thanksgiving. Then after Thanksgiving is Christmas. Let's talk about Thanksgiving. At Thanksgiving all of my family came over to my house to eat, play games, watch the football games, tell jokes, and to jump in the leaves. We also love to spend time with each other. It really cannot get better then that! Spending time with my family and friends, plus having a birthday right around Thanksgiving, makes it by far the best holiday of the year!

The Football game that was on was the Lions Vs the Bears because my dad likes the Lions. I was hoping the bears would win because that would help the Packers my favorite team. The Lions sadly but at least he was happy. We also ate Turkey, mash potatoes, and green beans. It was yummy. We played cards and a game I got for my birthday. After we eat we sometimes jump in leaves. We told jokes like "I said, Why didn't the Turkey eat at Thanksgiving? Because he was stuffed." We told other jokes to. Over all this was probably the best Thanksgiving ever. That is why Thanksgiving is one of my two favorite holidays.

Christmas is another favorite of my holidays so lets talk about that. This Christmas is going to be the best Christmas of all time because all of my family is coming up and we are going to have a big feast. I all ready know what one of my presents is, because I could see through the wrapping paper. It is a Nerf Gun that is called The 2 in 1 blaster it has a regular gun on the top and a rocket launcher on the bottom! It is really cool. The second thing I love about Christmas is that we get to celebrate Jesus being born because he died, on the cross to save us. That is why Jesus is incredible. We go to church on Christmas Eve to thank Jesus by lilting candles and saying a prayer.

Another thing I can't wait for is for when my cousins come up from Des Moines. I have 2 cousins Meagan she is the same age as me and Lance he is 8. They are really fun to play with because we play on the ice and in the snow. Me and Lance usually play basketball in my grandma's house but don't worry we use a soft ball and a laundry basket. It is really fun. The fourth thing I can't wait for is to play cards with my family. We play card games like five hundred. It is really fun. The final thing that I like about Christmas is spending time with my family. I am proud of my family, and I don't care what only on else thinks. That is why Christmas is one of my two favorite holidays. If you ever see Santa, give him milk and cookies. Also give him carrots for the reindeer.

Aren't these some great reasons to love Christmas and Thanksgiving? Christmas and Thanksgiving are both great holidays, but it does not matter if you get presents, or if your family does have a feast. All you need to have to celebrate is to have some joy and love. What other time of the year do you get all of these cool things happening in less than a month! Throw in all the snow that we might have, and you get the greatest time of the year! I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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