Navigating Difficult Conversations

Tuesdays, 5:15-7:05 pm Oct. 21 – Dec. 10

The 1– Credit Course that will Change Your Life!

Does the title of this class make you a little uncomfortable?
Is it hard for you to talk about things that are important to you?
Do you want to improve your interpersonal skills both in your professional &/or personal life?
If you answered yes to any of these questions THIS CLASS is PERFECT for YOU!

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** Look for EDHD 1620, 27576 (5th one down the list!) **

What Students Are Saying About Navigating Difficult Conversations

"I will take what I learned from this course and use it for the rest of my life."

"This class has been enormously important in my future as a nurse, and as an individual. I am so glad I signed up for this course."

"The strategies used to have difficult conversations surprised me. I didn't realize that there are things you can do to make difficult conversations easier and more effective."

About APPS

The CEHD Student Academic, Professional, and Personal Success (APPS) Program offers 1-credit courses, ranging in topic from effective interviewing to preparing for graduate school, all focused on your success now and after graduation. All of the APPS instructors have professional and academic experience in their course topics and are committed to your success.