All about the titanic

by cavin sontheimer

Introduction /Lead

If you want to learn about the titanic. You came to the right place. You will learn

about... Ticket price, Power and speed and crew.

Subheading #1: Ticket price

The most expensive ticket was 4,500 dollars back then. To go on the titanic right now it would be.Equivalent to 103,000 dollars in today’s money.

Subheading #2: power and speed

The titanic had 29 boilers and 159 furnaces. The ship could go 26 mph. Titanic was steam powered.

Subheading #3: crew

There were 885 people in the crew. There were 325 people in the engine room. 66 worked on deck.

Fun Fact #1

When fully loaded the titanic was 66,000 tons.

fun fact #2

The titanic had 40 tons of patatos and 30,000 tons of meat.


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Vocabulary Word #1

Expensive: Cost a lot of money

Vocabulary Word #2

Equivalent: Meaning equal in value

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