Ally forces unite against Hitler!


Being born in Braunau am inn, Austria on April 20, 1889, and later using the Great Depression as an opportunity for power. Adolf Hitler later became chancellor with help of hindenburgs cabinet who had abolished presidency and combined chancellor to the government just a day before hindenburgs death. He used his powers to silence and abolish other political parties until theNazi party was the last to be standing. He later than began to secretly prepare for war


Having two thousand tanks, one thousand nine hundred modern aircrafts, and over 1.5 million troops. Using the battle strategy of blitzkrieg they cripple all of Polands military and eventually conquering it, but although they weren't alone. About a month before the invasion josef Stalin signs a pact with the German Leader, and is known As the GERMAN - SOVIENT NONAGGRESSION PACT. The pact states that neither side can attack each other alone or with opposing countrie, as well as they can't form an allegiance with those same opposing countries. Once Great Britain and France hear about the invasion of Poland they take it as a betrayal on the Treaty of Versailles and declaring war on Germany on the third of September, 1939.


Japan attempts to conquer China and the Philippines, but they can't do so due to the American Battleships that are just miles away from the islands, so on December 7, 1941 Japan cripples all of Americas naval fleet and killing thousands of American sailors and troops. America mourns, but little did the Japanese know, they had awaken the sleeping giant, for America quickly arms itself for war.


Soviet forces cripple the city of Berlin with Adolf Hitler fifty feet under the chancellery buildings of Berlin, and with his forces surrendering to American forces on Western Europe he takes his life which ends the European war. Although the European war is over Japan continues the war but then is abolished by the atomic bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima on the sixth of August 1945.