DECEMBER 16, 2021

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We want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We hope your holiday is safe and filled with love! This staff loves each and every child that walks through our doors. They pour their heart into all that they do to prepare your child for their future! Thank you for trusting us with your children and many blessings this holiday season!

We will return to school on January 4th. We will have a very busy spring semester! We are focusing on student growth and will be pushing each and every child to work their hardest. We have high expectations and know that every student can reach them! Thank you for all your support at home!

¡Queremos desearles una Feliz Navidad y un Próspero Año Nuevo! ¡Esperamos que sus vacaciones sean seguras y llenas de amor! Este personal ama a todos y cada uno de los niños que cruzan nuestras puertas. ¡Ponen su corazón en todo lo que hacen para preparar a su hijo para su futuro! ¡Gracias por confiarnos a sus hijos y muchas bendiciones en esta temporada navideña!

Regresaremos a la escuela el 4 de enero. ¡Tendremos un semestre de primavera muy ocupado! Nos estamos enfocando en el crecimiento de los estudiantes y presionaremos a todos y cada uno de los niños para que trabajen al máximo. ¡Tenemos grandes expectativas y sabemos que todos los estudiantes pueden alcanzarlas! ¡Gracias por todo su apoyo en casa!



My phenomenal Pre-K students had a wonderful week!

Letters: Aa, Tt, Ll, Vv, Zz, Xx, Hh, Ff, Ee, Kk, Mm, Yy, Ii, Dd

  • Please review letters over the holidays.
  • Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Thank you, parents, for all your support!!

    Mrs. A 😊


Just a few things for Kindergarten:

  • We had a fabulous week of MAP testing with tremendous growth from each student! I am SO proud of all their hard work!!
  • Please continue to read over the Christmas break.

Thank you for all that you do!


  • We had a GREAT week of MAP testing! Everyone worked hard and made great gains!
  • · Thank you to everyone who donated to Warm the Heart and the high school coin drive.

See you in 2022!!


We have been testing all week. The kids are doing a great job! We’ve thrown in some Christmas activities, songs, and fun. The Elf is here visiting and the poor guy is still nameless. He has shown up with a horse, been stuck in a crockpot and stuck in a dictionary. Silly Elf!

Our Christmas Party will start at 1:30 on Thursday. Don’t forget your crazy socks for the Christmas gift exchange.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Mrs. Hogue


ELAR/Social Studies

This has been such a wonderful Semester full of lots of growing and learning! Make sure your child is reading some while you have extra free time and have a wonderful break!

Whitney Lamming


We have had a great 1st semester in 3rd grade! I can't believe the year is half over!

In Math this week we finished up our financial literacy unit. We have learned about borrowing money and using credit.

In science we have finished our unit on soil. We learned that soil is made of weathered rock, and decomposed plant and animal remains.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and look forward to seeing everyone after the holidays are over!


Have a safe and happy Christmas break! Can't wait to see everyone back on January 4th 🙂

A few reminders...

  1. Christmas Party at 1:30. Wear your pajamas!
  2. Please encourage your child to spend time reading over the break. It is important for their development as learners and leaders. Plus we have big AR goals to meet! Every word counts.
  3. We will come back from break with a lot of information to cover. Please make sure your child is here everyday on time and is ready to learn.

I can't begin to thank you all so much for all you've done to help make this first semester go so smoothly. It truly is a blessing to have parents like ya'll. I love this class and each child so incredibly much. Their hard work, joy, and kindness never goes unnoticed. Enjoy the break 🙂

Jenna Wesley

We're almost there! 🙂 Christmas break is just around the corner. I hope everyone has a safe and happy break.

4th Math--We have spent the last week reviewing information that we have covered throughout the semester. We went back to some concepts that seem to be more challenging...like long division. 🙂 The students did a great job working through it...even if it is close to a break. We have been working on more word problems...breaking them apart and analyzing them.

4th Math--We are studying weathering and erosion and we saw some perfect examples of it a couple of days as the wind blew the dirt around. A LOT. 🙂 We will continue discussing the Earth's changes once we return from break.

5th Science--We have also been discussing many processes such as weathering, erosion, deposition, compaction and cementation which all contribute to the formation of sedimentary rocks. We have learned a lot about how certain rock formations came to be. It's been a lot of fun. 🙂

We have also been giving the middle of the year MAP tests and many students have shown growth. We will keep pushing forward in the coming semester to get them ready for the STAAR tests.

Thank you for sharing your children. 🙂 I hope everyone enjoys the break.

Mrs. Brown



This week we had a small cooking assignment. We made Muddy Buddies so we could see fractions are in our everyday life. We had a lot of fun. We had some that would not read the step completely or they wanted to lick the bowl or spoon. Then there was a competition between the girls and boys in one of the classes. Of course, I am not saying who won. 😊

I do hope this Christmas break if you bake or work on your car, you can pull in your fifth grader to help. Let them do some fraction reading with measuring cups or see the fraction sizes on the wrenches. I try to explain to them the math concepts we learn in class, we will see forever.

I would also like to give a Special Shout Out to our PTO: Thank you for always taking care of our students (our kids) and our faculty and staff. Y’all do so much for us, and we appreciate it.

We have got to have the best PTO team in West Texas. Thank you, Ladies

I hope we can all have a very safe, relaxing, and a Merry Christmas because we will be waiting for all of you next year!

Mrs. Gamez

Wow! We did it!! We made it to Christmas Break! Your kids are working so hard, and I am so honored to have gotten to be their teacher thus far.

When we get back, we are going to hit the ground running and preparing for the STAAR test. I'm so very proud of all the progress we have made so far.

Please remind them to read over the break! They should all have new books to read, so I would love it if we could start the next quarter with a ton of AR tests and points.

Thank you so much for allowing me to be with your children every day. They are the best!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! See you in 2022!

-Mrs. Rasco

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Enjoy your Christmas break with your family & friends!

See you back on January 4, 2022

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We would like to say THANK YOU to our amazing PTO for all you have done for our staff and students this year!!
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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Burleson Elementary!!!