Kitten's First Full Moon

By: Kevin Henkes

Kevin Henks

Kitten's First Full Moon was awarded the Caldecott award in 2005 for its wonderful illustrations. Kevin Henkes wrote this book to entertain children all over America. He was born in 1960, and has been illustrating books for over 30 years. Writing and illustrating books is the only job he has ever had. Kevin is a fabulous illustrator and is also a very skillful author. His outstanding drawings and stories have won 2 Caldecott awards. This book won the award because it is very child friendly. It is simple, and easy to understand. The pictures very well met the story and theme of the book. For my comparison I compared Kitten's First Full Moon by: Kevin Henkes to My Friend Rabbit by: Eric Rohmann. My Friend Rabbit was very colorful, but the pictures had a mixed color and were shaded in two different colors. Also there were not many words so I could not tell very well what was going on so the pictures couldn't really match the words. The pictures were very complex for a little kid. Kitten's First Full Moon had more broad fine lines and it was in all black and white. The pictures were simple they were shaded in one color and matched the story very well.

Report By: Ginger Vernon