Jay Gatsby

Final Assessment Caitlynn Slaymaker

Gatsby's American Dream

I think that Gatsby's american dream was very simple. Gatsby wanted to become rich and then he wanted to get the girl of his dreams, Daisy.

Quotes about Gatsby's American dream

"I thought you inherited your money? "

"Oh i've been in several things," he corrected himself. "I was in the drug business then I was in the oil business. But i'm not in either one now."

" I don't think she ever loved him"

"Gatsby bought the house so Daisy would be right across the bay"

"He wants to know," continued Jordan, " if you'll invite Daisy to your house some afternoon and then let him come over."

"He had waited five years and bought a mansion where he dispensed the starlight to casual moths-- so he 'could come' over to a strangers garden."

"He wanted nothing less of Daisy that she should go to Tom and say, 'I never loved you.'...they were to go back to Louisville and be married from her house -- just as if it was five years ago."

"' Can't repeat the past?'", he cried incredulously. Why of course you can!"

"Im going to fix everything just as the way it was before"

Did he reach his dream?

No... unfortunately Gatsby did not reach his dream. He lost his temper with Tom and caused Daisy to be afraid of him. Gatsby dies before Daisy ever calls him back.

What is the American Dream now?

Yes the american dream can be different for everyone though. In general the american dream includes, freedom, opportunity for prosperity and success. All of this can be achieved with much hard work and dedication. Many people strive for the american dream to have an 'easier lifestyle'. As long as you work hard you can build a successful life for you and your family. Some people believe having a house job and being able to care for you family is living the dream so the dream can vary from being a lets live rich life and what we consider a normal family.


The theme to The Great Gatsby is the american dream. People came to america from everywhere to fulfill their american dream. The American dream can take people from rags to riches. Nick seems to think the the american dream is about individuality, discovery and happiness. The 1920's society was corrupt. People had corrupt versions of the american dream. Gatsby had some and corrupt and uncorrupt components to his american dream. Some parts of his corrupt dream is he is one of the people that thinks having money is going to solve all of his problems so he gets into things he shouldn't to get his money. He thinks if he gets rich he can get Daisy because he loves her and that is the uncorrupt part, his love for Daisy. Gatsby failing on his dream doesn't mean the the american dream doesn't exist it just shows the Gatsby fell short of his dream he worried more about having money and being rich and having a lot of things and he let that get in the way of love. Other examples of the american dream are all the "new money" people they are living their dream by various ways to obtain a lot of money. Jordan Baker is trying to live her dream about being a great golfer even if it involves cheating

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