Grade 1 RK

September 2015

Kitchen Garden

Thanks to Julie and her team we have had three great weeks in the garden. We have cooked, weeded, planted, painted, tasted and explored and learned about the 3Rs - reduce, reuse and recycle.


We have been learning to write narratives that have an orientation, problem/complication and resolution. We have also explored the use of descriptive language to help create a mental image for our readers.


We have been exploring and discussing ways that we can help to look after our environment. Here are some of our posters.

Lego Competition

We have used our story writing skills to enter a Lego competition. Here is the video entry of our story.
The Box

Term 4

Term 4 will, as always, be a busy one. We will be welcoming Mrs Lethborg back to the school and she will be taking Fridays on our class. From Week 2-6 we will also have a fourth year Uni student working with us.

Writing and spelling will be a major focus for us before we head off to Grade 2. We will be learning to:

  • use both the sounding and visual strategies for spelling new words
  • recognise and use common letter patterns
  • use capital letters and full stops consistently
  • make some self improvements to our writing
  • make choices about writing topics and what type of text we will use

In maths, place value, problem solving and part-part-whole relationships will continue to be a major focus. We will also be looking at telling time (o'clock and half past) and 2D and 3D shapes.

In science we will be exploring light and sound as well as the properties of different materials and how they change.