Tristan & Isolde

About the Movie

In the movie Tristan and Isolde their is a lot of emotions that go through this. It takes place both Ireland and England (but mainly England). This movie involves love, passion for each other and cruel battles. The hero in my eyes is Tristan because of his bravery and love for Isolde, but there are so many more characters that play very important roles as well.


Archetype: Universal symbol.

Symbol: Represents something.

Archetype & Symbols:

Hero: Tristan... is the hero in my eyes because of his bravery and love for something.

Journey: To Ireland... because Tristan fought down the Irish for England to gain more power

Jewelry: Isolde's Bracelets... because it symbolizes the love Tristan had for her.

Poison: The sword... had poison to paralyze the person it cut into and hurt them badly. The poison did not kill them.

Ancient Ruins: The tunnel... transported Isolde back and forth to there secret hiding spot.