Montgomery Bus Boycott

Support Rosa Parks and Boycott Public Transportation

On December 1 Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to give her seat up. We are asking all African Americans in Montgomery to boycott buses and public transportation. This boycott will help ignite the fire that we need. If we do this boycott, American views on African Americans will change. Equality will then exist.

Stand Up for Your Right to Sit Down

Monday, Dec. 5th 1955 at 6am

Montgomery, Alabama

Montgomery, AL


6:00 a.m.-Allow normal bus to see you

6:30 a.m.-Intentionally not ride bus

7:00 a.m.-Walk or car pool to destination

We are the NAACP

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Rosa Parks

On December 1, 1955, Rosa Parks got on her normal bus and took a seat. When the time came for her to give her seat up to a white male, she refused. She was then arrested and fined $10. She is remembered in history for being the start of major Civil Rights Acts.
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Martin Luther King Jr.

Not only is he known for being the leader of the Civil Rights Movement, he's known for how he conducted the movement. He did it without violence. He helped organize boycotts, strikes, marches, and demonstrations.