Emile Durkheim

By: Whitney Walck

Background Paragraph

Emile Durkheim was a French sociologist. He was the Father of Sociology. He partnered up with Karl Marx, and max weber. He is one of the principal founders of modern sociology. He created a new methodology called "social facts". He was born on April 15th 1853 in Epinal Lorraine France. He was Jewish. He started to study philosophy in 1879. And graduated in 1882. He was the first ever sociology teacher and taught his first call in 1887 in France. He died on November 15th 1917.

10 Facts

1) According to Durkheim, all elements of society, including morality and religion, are part of our history.

2) Durkheim viewed his sociology as the science of the genesis and functioning of institutions, with institutions being all of the beliefs and modes of conduct instituted by the collectivity.

3) Durkheim was not the first thinker to attempt to make sociology a science.

4) Durkheim’s theory fails to account for the inherent abilities of categorical or logical thought.

5) Durkheim reveals himself to be a cultural relativist, arguing that each culture has a network of self-referential logic and concepts that creates truths.

6)During Durkheim’s life, his thinking about religion changed in important ways. Early in his life, as in Division, he argued that human societies could exist on a secular basis without religion.

7)According to Durkheim, religion is the product of human activity, not divine intervention.

8) Durkheim’s moral philosophy was unfortunately denied its culmination by his untimely death in 1917.

9) At this, Durkheim was keen to distinguish two elements of morality, both equally important to moral behavior.

10)An incredibly important but often overlooked part of Durkheim’s philosophy is his declaration of the death of the gods of European society, and what this means for the future of Western civilization.