Whilst doing my project on the principles of fashion on Smore I felt that overall I did a good job on finding out as much information as I possibly could. Although I do feel that if I did it again, I could change some aspects of how I went about doing it.

Next time I would change the way I set out planning what I am going to do each week, breaking down the tasks and plan how I am going to go about doing it. Although we had the smart target sheets, I didn't understand how to use them to my advantage till the second week. This was something that I would change as I kept having to go back to different Smores on different days to add things in. If I had a plan I could have finished each individual Smore and it wouldn't have taken up as much time.

Another thing I would change if I had to do the project again would be to use a wider selection of research sources, instead of just using the internet. When doing our library induction in the second week I realised I could have used more books for information rather then just using internet job searches. In the long run this would have broadened my knowledge of each different job role rather then just using one source of information and viewpoint.

On the positives, I think I did well in certain parts of the project. Overall, I feel as if I have a greater and more comprehensive understanding of each role and could talk to other people about the job roles with confidence. I believe this shows I have researched the roles well and haven't looked at the first internet page that has come up into Google.

On another positive note, my progress and understanding of how to use the Smore Wiki page increased dramatically over the last few weeks. The first couple of times I used it I didn't fully understand how to insert pictures and videos. Towards the end of the project I felt I had enough knowledge and understanding to be able to teach other people and was to construct some good pages for each role. For me, this was really positive and it showed the progression I’ve made over the three weeks.

In summary, I think I’ve progressed well to get each Smore page completed on time. It has also provided me with a fascinating insight into the roles and responsibilities within the Fashion Retail sector and I’m looking forward to gaining in depth knowledge of each role and I can't wait to learn more.