The Maycomb Middle

Tom Robinson's Trial to Take Place Monday

On November 21, 1936, Mayella Ewell accused Tom Robinson of sexually assaulting her at her house.

"He took advantage of me" said Ewell

It was evening when the incident happened. Robinson was on his way home from work, when the alleged crime took place.

"I was coming back from chopping wood when I heard Mayella screamin' and hollerin'. So I goes up to the window and sees him on Mayella", said Bob Ewell, father of Mayella.

Ewell said she asked him to chop up a chiffarobe for her. She was going to get him a nickel, and when she turned around, he got her.

Heck Tate, the county sheriff, arrived at the scene shortly after.

"When I got there she was all beat up on one side. She had bruises around her neck and had a black eye, and she told me Tom Robinson did it", said Tate.

The trial will be held on Monday, with Atticus Finch as the defense attorney and Mr. Gilmer will be the prosecutor.

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Mrs. Henry Lafayette Dubose

Mrs Henry Lafayette Dubose died August 11, 1937 in her home. She was 87 years old. Henry was born on June 10, 1850, to Gabe and Joanne Dubose. She was raised on a cattle farm She was an only child after her younger brother died at age 2. Her husband died in 1911. Their only child died at age 22 in a mining accident. Henry struggled with a morphine addiction. Her last days were spent with her house maid and Jem Finch. Finch read to Dubose during her last days to help her get off her addiction. Her service date has yet to be set. Preceded in death by, John Dubose, her parents, and Joseph Dubose, her son.

Bob Ewell Dead

Bob Ewell was found dead on October 30, 1937, outside the school.

The Finch children were walking home from the school play when they heard something.

"Jem told me to hush a minute. I thought he was tryin' to think or somethin', so I hushed. Then we started walkin' again and that's when i heard it", said Scout Finch.

Whenever they stopped, the sound stopped. Realizing that they were being followed, they started to pick up the pace.

"I knew we were under a tree because it was cooler there," said Jem

That's when someone tried to grab Scout Finch. They couldn't see who because of how dark it was. Jem then preceded to fight the assaulter. They fought until Jem was knocked unconscious and received a broken arm. That's when someone got Jem and Scout home. Sheriff Tate arrived on the scene immediately after Atticus Finch called him. That's where he found that Bob Ewell had been the attacker and had fallen on his knife, killing himself.

Jem Finch is recovering and will be fine. Services for Ewell have not been set.

House fire

Mr.s Maudie’s house caught fire last night. A stove is determine as the cause of the fire.

Mrs. Maudie said “I woke up and smelled smoke so I went downstairs. When I got to the kitchen I saw the fire, and ran outside yelling for help. I was amazed by the help of the neighborhood. Everyone came and started running in and getting stuff out of the house. The sight of it warmed my heart”.

We caught up with one of the brave neighbors who helped her out Atticus Finch. Finch said “I heard screaming and ran outside to see what was wrong. That’s when I saw the fire. I knew I needed to help, so me and most of the neighborhood men started running in and grabbing what we knew was important to her”.

The fire was put out fairly quickly. The house will be under construction for a while. The fire fighters got there quick and did there job.

The Hindenburg is down

At 7:25 p.m. local time, the Hindenburg caught fire and quickly became engulfed in flames. On May 3, 1937, the Hindenburg left Frankfurt, Germany, for a journey across the Atlantic to Lakehurst’s Navy Air Base.

Thirteen passengers, 21 crewmen, and 1 civilian member of the ground crew lost their lives, and most of the survivors suffered substantial injuries.

We asked Maycomb resident Mrs. Maudie about it and this is what she said “It is a real tragedy. I feel so bad about the families and can’t imagine what they’re going through”.

The airship Hindenburg was the largest dirigible ever built and the pride of Nazi Germany. While attempting to moor at Lakehurst, the airship suddenly burst into flames, probably after a spark ignited its hydrogen core. Rapidly falling 200 feet to the ground.

Lighter-than-air passenger travel rapidly fell out of favor after the Hindenburg disaster. People were scared and didn’t want to even ride a blimp.

Ding dong the dog is dead

Dear Editor,

I have been living in this town for a long time, and I have had to live with my garbage cans getting tipped over and barking through the night for too long. I have had to clean my lawn of its droppings for too long, but Atticus took care of the problem.

I heard the shot fire and I looked that way, and sure enough One Shot Atticus took him out. I was so happy it inspired me to quit my addiction. A life without morphine has to be better than one more day with that dog.

Thank you Atticus for making my life a lot better and giving me my inspiration to kick morphine, but most of all thank you for finally shooting that dog.

-Mrs. Dubose

Let Me Be With Whomever I Want to Be With

What is the problem with people? Why is being around black people so bad? They aren't any different than us. Can't you people see? They all work hard to feed their families, and so do we. They make the houses that we live in, and yet we cannot even look into their eyes? I'm in love with one of them and there ain't nothing you can do about it! She is beautiful, she is kind, and she can cook better than any wives! Just try to see that we are the same, and let me like who I want to like!

-Mr. Dolphus Raymond

Maycomb county school pageant

This Halloween come to Maycomb county school. We will have games and a pageant at the end. So come on down for a good time.