Lack of Education


Did you know that about 46,000,000 people have never been to school, and about 17,000,000 children will never go to school in Africa? Around the world there is a bunch of charity's that are trying to help kids go to school. The public donations/spending for the kids to go to school has increased more than 6% than it used to be! There are also websites that give the teachers their lesson plans, and books. A girl in Africa once said "When I do something, I know what the results would be. When the girls in my village do something they just do it because they didn't know what else to do."-Matilda. There are university's in Africa that are becoming a country developing tool. Did you know that it estimably takes one million engineers to reach one single development goal.

Our mission is to strive to alleviate the suffering from hunger, illiteracy, diseases, and poverty in the Horn of Africa, as well as help the east African community in Minnesota.

The ways my charity has helped kids/people in Africa is by donating water tanks. The water tanks are vehicles that transport water from different places. Another way they have helped is bye sponsoring teachers. They sponsor teachers by advertising/sending them money to help them pay for things. In some cases, they donate food baskets that help the people get the nutritions/food they need. There are also, a lot more things they do! To conclude, my charity does a lot of things to help people in need.


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What Can We Do

For less than $40 a month, you can sponsor a child. Sponsoring the kids will help them get all of the resources they need. Another way is to volunteer, this means that you take time out of your own day to help others. The last way is to donate. The way you donate, is bye going to the website, and clicking what you can do. After that, you click on donate now, and then fill out the information they need. There are also many more ways to sponsor/save a child's life, you will see these when you go on the website!
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