From the Director of Instruction

May 2016

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

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Thank you!

Thank you for choosing the profession that creates all other professions! Through the lessons and opportunities that you create for our students, you are providing them with the life lessons they need to enter the world and be successful adults.

Thank you for the energy and time that you devote to our students. I know many of you have heard me talk about how teaching isn't just a job, it's a lifestyle decision. In education we don't punch in and punch out, we carry work home with us both literally and figuratively as we are constantly in search of ways to better reach our students, make connections, and support them as individuals and in their learning.

In working with our teachers and staff in the capacity of Director of Instruction and my previous roles in the district, as well as in my role as a parent, I continue to be inspired by the passion, energy, and enthusiasm that you bring in to your classroom every day! Thank you so much for all that you do for our students and families!

Surveys, surveys, surveys....

It's that time of year. I know that each year you receive several surveys and sometimes they become easy to ignore. PLEASE make sure to take the time to complete surveys that are sent to you through your school and the district. This time of year and over the summer a lot of planning is being done regarding professional development, support services, etc. and your voice is valuable! Your participation on surveys provides data that is used to support decisions regarding professional development and other topics.

Thanks in advance for sharing your voice!

Spring Testing Update

  • Our NWEA window begins next week (5/7). Don't forget to check out the resources that Cheryl Wilson has organized to support teachers and students for NWEA. Click here!
  • Woo-hoo! Our first testing window is officially closed! We've completed one window of M-STEP testing (two more to go) as well as PSAT, SAT, and ACT WorkKeys at the high school.
  • Did you know that M-STEP preliminary reports are available within 48 hours of students testing? Let me know if you are interested in previewing the results after your students test.

Thank you to our teachers, secretaries, technology staff, media center staff, principals, and counselors for making testing sessions run smoothly for our students.

Updates on Educator Evaluation

As you may be aware, our district and many districts across the state will need to make changes to our educator evaluation process for teachers and administrators for the 2016-2017 school year. Wayland Union Schools has done a great job staying ahead of these changes so our process will not need a complete overhaul as some districts will in order to remain compliant with new state laws.

If you are interested in participating on a voluntary committee to review and provide input on changes, please let me know. I anticipate that this committee will meet two or three times during the summer months.

Spotlight on Success

Learning Labs at Steeby!

Teachers at Steeby have been engaging in Learning Labs. Learning Labs allow teachers to travel to classrooms and observe best practices in instruction. After observing a lesson, teachers debrief their observations and discuss how the practice can be integrated into instruction or refined. To learn a little bit more about learning labs, click here:

RtI Success at Dorr!

The 2nd grade team at Dorr Elementary has adjusted their schedules to allow for a common RtI time for all 2nd grade students. Teachers work together to compare student data and needs, students are then divided into groups and are able to spend some time focusing on instruction designed at their specific level. The 2nd grade team has observed positive results for kids!

Changes in High School PRIDE time!

The WUHS RTI Committee has been working to implement adjustments to how PRIDE time is utilized at the high school. Teachers can "sign out" students to come to their room during PRIDE time to receive additional intervention on essential standards.