Future Home

Next Generation

Sustainable Ecosystems

This house will be located in a Temperate Deciduous Forest on the Eastern of Canada. The reason why I choose this biome is because it has different varieties of plants, trees and mammals. Living where trees and plants feels refreshing because our oxygen comes mostly from trees and plants. Most of the trees that will be surround the house would be, Maple trees, Oak trees, Birch trees, Pine trees and more. Since this kind of biome has four seasons ( summer, winter, spring, and fall ) all the trees that were list are most likely very good for seasons that changes. Most likely I cant keep my garden living for long because of changing seasons. Although I can plant in the summer and spring.

I would use a car that is powered by electricity or a bike so that it would not emit any toxic gases into the atmosphere. This will help decrease pollution. Also using bike makes good exercise for us because we use our body movements to make it run or move.

For the waste management systems I would include recycling and a garbage bin. Since the garden only lasts for a bit, I will not include a composer. Putting re-usable materials in the recycling bin is a good way to protect our environment, because landfill is now becoming a big concern.

I would sponsor Pandas in my local zoo because there slowly becoming extinct. There habitats is being destroyed slowly as we create more pollution. Animals are like humans, if animals don't get what they need all of them will slowly disappear.

Atoms, Element, and Compounds

Chemicals that can be found in houses are any types of liquid cleaners or any powder cleaner or even makeups. An example of chemicals that are inside the cleaner is:

1- Ammonia: compound of Nitrogen and Hydrogen. (NH₃)

2- Sodium Hydroxide: compound of Sodium, Oxygen and Hydrogen.

3-Lead: symbol (Pb)

Chemicals located in the periodic table:

1- Nitrogen: Non-metals

2- Hydrogen: Hydrogen

3- Oxygen: Non-metal

4- Sodium: Metals

5- Lead: Metals

My chosen element which is Sodium (Na) is grouped in Metals.

The Characteristics of Electricity

All the electricity that will be used to run the lights, Air conditioning and other things will come from the solar system or wind turbine. Solar systems converts suns energy electricity power. This is sustainable because the energy can be re-use and it does not create pollution. Wind turbine is also sustainable because it creates energy by winds thats spins the propeller. While the propeller are spinning the generator is running therefore electricity is being made.
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