1. Life as a Serf

I work to provide my lord with food!

2. Serf- A peasant who lived and worked on land of a lord or vassal.

2. Middle Ages- A one thousand year period that followed the fall of Rome.

2. Lord- A noble who owned land.

3. Lord- Lords gave a vassal or a serf a piece of their land to work and live on

3. Vassal- Vassals lived on land that was given to them by a lord, they could give land to serfs or hire knights to protect the land.
3. Knight- Knights protected the land that the Lords, Vassals ,and Serfs lived on.

4. Serfs suffered from famines. Plague outbreaks depleted the livestock. Frosts, floods, and droughts destroyed the crops. Bursts of warfare ravaged the countryside as the lords burned each other’s fields and harvests. (Britannica.com)

4. About nine-tenths of the people were peasants—farmers or village laborers. A peasant village housed perhaps 10 to 60 families. (Britannica.com)

5. How long was the Middle Ages?

5. What did a lord do?

7. The serfs remind me of slaves in the early U.S.