September Newsletter

Pack 469

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Popcorn Sign up for Store Front Sales

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3, 4, 5 - Popcorn Store fFront Sales

7 - Parent Committee meeting

10,11,12 - Popcorn Store Front Sales

11 - Patriots Day Flag Retirement

18-19 Spring Creek camp out

18 Raingutter Regatta

18, 19 - Popcorn Store Front Sales

24,25,26 Popcorn Store Front Sales

28 Pack Meeting - Exotic Animals


5 Parent Committee Meeting

8-10 Inks Lake State Park Fall Campout

22-24 Webelo Woods

28 October Pack Meeting - Pack Carnival

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Resilience is defined as the ability to recover well from misfortune or from unexpected events. Because you are Scouts, I believe you are more resilient than your peers.

Here’s how to have resilience and how it relates to what you’re learning in Scouting:

1. Be optimistic: Have confidence that things will improve. (In Scouts you are challenged in many ways, evaluate how things went, and improve).

2. Face your fears-facing fears head on makes them less frightening (Brave)

3. Have a moral compass: (Scout Law) A strong feeling of right and wrong tells us we must do something even when it is very difficult.

4. Practice spirituality: Be a part of a group that has strong beliefs. (Reverent)

5. Give and receive social support: friends and loved ones make us stronger. (Friendly)

6. Physical fitness: Exercise adapts your body to stress. (Physically Strong)

7. Be a lifelong learner: Keep your brain sharp and it will give you solutions when you need them most. (Mentally Awake)

8. Have a number of ways to cope with difficulty. One great way is humor - laughter disarms stress. (Cheerful)

9. Have meaning in your life: Don’t just do a job; have a calling and a purpose. (Do a good turn daily, Help other people at all times, follow Scout Oath and Law)

Keep up the good work of preparing yourselves for now and the future.

“As a young boy, scouting gave me a confidence and camaraderie that is hard to find in modern life.” - Bear Grylls