Oct. 2013 Tech Tips

TPS Instructional Technology

Student & Family Math Video Resources

The web is full of math help sites. It is very hard for busy parents to wade through all that is out there and be confident that they are getting quality and correct for what their child is learning in math class. The Student and Family Math Video Resource does the work for them. It provides quality, mathematically-correct instructional videos that are organized and connected to the common core state standards. It provides an easy way for a student or parent to find math help videos.

Currently there are links to Khan Academy videos and a few other sources. In the coming months we will begin to add videos created and produced by Tacoma students. This will better reflect the diversity of Tacoma and student voice while providing additional technology and math learning opportunities.

Student and Family Math Internet Resources Link

October is Connected Educators Month

Connected Educator Month is a highly distributed, month-long online event convened by the U.S. Department of Education. The overarching goal of CEM is to bring together educators at all levels, in all disciplines, addressing key education issues by moving together towards a fully connected and collaborative profession.

There will be hundreds of activities hosted online throughout the month for teachers, district administrators and state leadership. Participation in CEM will allow you to work with your colleagues from other states, officials at the federal level and leading professional organizations/associations to provide professional learning.

Throughout the month learn how connected education can transform your school(s), help your teachers continually improve their practice (while supporting them in doing so), and increase your impact both in and outside your school(s). All activities are online, they're all free, and many can be attended on your own schedule. For more information about CEM, visit http://www.connectededucatormonth.org

TAC Gradebook Trainings at PDC

Are you using your TAC gradebook? Do you need help entering assignments and scores? We still have some TAC Gradebook training sessions at the PDC this fall. Online registration required through the PD Calendar.

As parents explore Home Access Center, they are eager to see assignments and scores posted.

TASC - video by Lance Cadena

TASC in the Middle Schools

Calendar feature in TAC - video by Sherri Desseau

Did you ever wish you could show your parents all the work you assign in class – in a nice easy to read format, and no extra work?

Don’t think that’s possible? Hopefully you will LOVE the new calendar feature in the Teacher Access Center, or TAC. Watch this short video clip to see just how easy it is to create a calendar of all your assignments.

TAC Calendar in HAC

My Sites and Cloud Storage - video by Ryan Booth

Quick Overview of MySite's My Content

Elementary Report Cards

Have you seen the updated report card for 2013-14? To get a blank copy of your elementary report card, follow this path: