Lego WeDo 2.0

Final Class!! - Building Lego Robots & Crossing our Bridges!

Goals & Objectives

Students code their Milo, the Science Rover, to successfully cross the engineered bridges built by fellow STEM students in the Building Bridges class! Students work with speed, distance,and rate formulas to ensure the Milo makes it across the entire bridge without stopping.

BEST OF ALL --We had a BLAST testing our Milos and bridges!!

Chromebooks + Coding + Collaboration + Problem Solving = SO MUCH FUN!!

5 reasons STEM is so important in education:

1. STEM is VERY hands-on


3. STEM allows students to PLAY and LEARN

4. STEM is SKILLS based


TEAM WORK AND COLLABORATION with the Bridge Engineers!

STEM is SUPER hands on!

More commonly referred to in the field as ‘Experiential Learning’, STEM is very hands-on, and skill based. Hand in hand with the consideration above, STEM learning classes require students to do things with their hands to discover specific knowledge or to develop particular skills.

When taught at a young age, these skills will stay with these students for life, providing them with hands-on skills they can use throughout their education and subsequent career.

STEM Challenges Students!

Students should be encouraged to push themselves and challenge their boundaries.

Giving students challenges sets them up for life, as they'll learn how to think their way around a problem and try out solutions. These skills will work out well for them once they're in the workforce and will have to do this for themselves.

THANK YOU TO THE HADDONFIELD EDUCATION TRUST FOR FUNDING THIS GRANT! Without you, this learning would not be possible!

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