Digital Ways to Organize Information

What is Popplet?

Popplets take graphic organizers into the digital age by allowing users to not only organize words, but they can link to pictures, YouTube videos, and Google Maps. Students remain engaged while organizing their content. Students and teachers can also collaborate on a Popplet by inviting other Popplet users to work on their project.

How to use Popplet


How has it been used in Round Rock?

Ms. Pazos' Classes Uses Popplet for World Cultures Assignment

Students have to explore Citizenship, Government, and Economy. They had to define, explain the rights and duties of citizens, give information on the three branches of government, and show how Market Economy, Traditional Economy, and Command Economy are different. Students were allowed to use images found from online by using the "free to use or share" setting in Google Images Advanced Search settings, and appropriate YouTube videos to complete their assignment.

Here is an EXAMPLE of work that one of Ms. Pazos' students created using Popplet

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

The Good

1. Students without e-mail accounts can sign up for Popplet using gmail +1 accounts. (see your ITS to find out more on how to set these up)

2. Students can collaborate on Popplets by inviting other users to work on a Popplet together.

The Bad

Students and teachers can only make 5 Popplets with one free account. Additional Popplets can be made for $3/month.

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