Mrs. Banks Career & Research Class

College and Career Academy


You will research, develop, and implement the skills needed to empower you to successfully attain your future college and employment goals.


1. Complete self-assessment to determine personal career interests and abilities; How to Identify personal strengths and weaknesses and make improvements. Analyze personal data and relate them to current career opportunities.

2. Demonstrate the use of career resources to identify preferred career fields and opportunities; employment prospects, and education or training requirements;

3. Determine the correlation of personal preference, education, and training to the demands of the workforce.

4. Research the postsecondary/higher education admissions process, including completing admissions and financial aid applications (i.e., Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), grants, loans, scholarships, personal financing).

5. Demonstrate understanding of the employment process, including searching for a job, filling out a job application, creating a resume, developing and practicing interview skills, and completing required employment forms (i.e. ., W-4, I-9).

6. Create an electronic portfolio using digital tools (i.e., Webpage, wikis, blogs, podcast), including a cover letter, a current resume, a completed job application, interest aptitude, and achievement results; curriculum samples (student organizations, club memberships, honors, credentials, certificates, awards, community service experiences, recommendations).

7. Understand Diversity and the effect of workplace behavior/ethics;

8. Analyze and explain how cultural, social, economic, environmental, and political decisions and trends impacts or affects us nationally or globally.

9. Understand Time-management and how to set goals

10. Participate in collaborative learning projects and discussions.


-Be respectful to the teacher and other students. No Profanity- Use professional language at all times

-Be on time & in your Assigned seat before the bell rings! If you are late, please report to Attendance for a Tardy pass.

-Takeout your Laptop and Log into Edmodo to retrieve Daily instructions and handouts/links.

-Begin your Bell work as soon as you enter the classroom when posted.

GRADING: There will be a Daily Participation grade-(10 points) and Weekly Bell work Grade-(100 points). Assignments will also include Written work, Oral presentations, and Computer-based assignments. Grades are a “pure points” system. All assignments count evenly-No percentages.

NO Eating. You may have a bottle of water.

NO Hall or Bathroom passes during class lecture or during the first/last 10 minutes of class.

You get 5 minutes to go and come back from the bathroom. If you go over this time, you may lose your bathroom privilege. **Medical conditions that require you to use the restroom more often must provide a doctor’s note I can keep on file.