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The Start

The first Porsche company was made in Germany,1930. There were about 200 workers to start and the first Porsche was released in 1948. The first car was built in 1948. It was pretty good until the 911 came out.
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Cheap But Nice

A smaller and less expensive Porsche began in 1996. It was a Boxer convertible that more people could afford. It was nearly $30,000 less than some Porsche models.
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911 Turbo

The 911 eleven hit the streets in 2007. The 911 turbo can reach a max speed of 193 miles per hour. It can reach to 60 miles per hour in 3.7 seconds. The 911 turbo turns flawlessly through every turn. The 911 is known for its massive brakes. At 60 miles per hour with the touch of the brake it comes to a complete stop in 99 feet. The 911 turbo is the most popular Porsche and the best of the Porsche cars.
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