Protist Smore

By Nate Thompson


It moves by the cilla. they reproduce by Asexual way And sexaly . They eat allege They responde by Tricoyst makes them look biger

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Paramecium Dividing


They use Pseudopods to move around, they eat other protists, They split in two, they trap the protits and then eats them, turns in a zest when no water is around
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Binary Fission in Amoeba HD ANIMATION


It make its own food by photoshithes, Moves by two flamga, they split in two to reproduce, they hang out with other volcoxs
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Volvox - daughter cells inside of mother colony


they make there food by photshites, Move by flallga, Split in two to reproduce, Eyespot to find sun light
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Binary fission Euglena