Ohio State Buckeyes

Zoology and Althetics

Basic Info

Ohio State University is located in Columbus, Ohio. The main program that I am looking for is the zoology program and its program is ranked number 10 in all of the U.S. OSU has also one of the best football programs having 12 of there football players be drafted into the NFL.


The total amount for a four year term plus expenses is $92,420

Application Process

They evaluate each applicant in terms of 10, which are meant to measure the merit of academic achievement as well as personal interests, talents, accomplishments and challenges.

10 terms:

1. Successful completion of the minimum college prep requirements

2. High school performance including participation in accelerated programs like Honors, AP, and IB

3, ACT/SAT scores, with writing

4. Ability and desire to contribute to and engage with a diverse campus community

5. Leadership, co-curricular and work experience

6. Status as a first-generation college student

7. Demonstration of outstanding talent in a particular area

8. Academic competitiveness of the high school

9. High school performance if adversely affected be physical, mental or learning environment factors

10. Eligibility for and likelihood of benefiting from organized support services at Ohio State


Their are 58, 322 students at Ohio State (44, 741 of them are undergraduates)

The student to faculty ratio is: 18-1

Location Info

In Columbus, Ohio

Their are fun things to do around this large town like many movie theaters, the orchestra around town, a hiking trip on Hocking Hills( along the way there is a zip line), and a tour of the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

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Weather in Ohio is very random. Like the picture says below each day can be very different in weather. Ohio is also highly humid and has some strong winds every once in a while.


Ohio is one of the few states that surround the great lakes. Ohio is right next to Lake Erie. Similar to Oregon in how the trees are very beautiful and rolling hills every where. There are also some quite nice mountain ranges near bye.

Paying for the College

I either plan on trying my best to get a full ride scholarship with a sport, my back up plan is that my grandparents have been saving up a large college fund to where I could pay for an college I want and have no debt. The deadline for FAFSA forms in June 30, 2017 by midnight central time.


I plan to apply for:

  • Al Forthan Memorial Scholarship
  • Football Scholarship
  • Wrestling Scholarship
  • Stream Restoration Alliance Of The Middle Rouge Scholarship
  • North Middle School PTA Scholarship
  • Mike Grant Memorial Wrestling Scholarship
  • Lincoln School PTA Scholarship
  • Grants Pass Education Association

My High School Goals

My goals include to keep good grades and stay out of trouble like I have been for the last two years of high school.

I plan on taking more strength and fitness classes to keep me in shape for sports and take some more science classes that relate to the field of zoology.

Volunteer Work

I volunteer a lot at the local boys and girls club. This will help me with people skills and to do certain objectives in stressful conditions