located on the continent of Africa

Fun Facts

Did you know that Ethiopia's population is 96,633,456! That's a lot of people. Their language is Amharic, well that sounds interesting! Their size (in square miles) is 426,400. Ethiopia's capital is Addis Ababa.

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Jim Jim Falls

This Ethiopian waterfall is called the Jim Jim falls, in the Kakadu Park. The Jim Jim falls is a plunge waterfall, on the Jim Jim creek that descends over the Arnhem Land.
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Mulatu Astatke

  • Mulatu Astatke is a famous artist, known for his Ethiopian music. He was taught in London, New York City, and Boston. He combines his jazz and Latin music interests with traditional Ethiopian music.
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Ethiopian Blue Monkey

This is the Ethiopian blue monkey. It spends some of its time eating fruits and leaves.
Ethiopian football player amazing play for European club.

Ethiopian Football which is also known as soccer.

Interesting Things About Ethiopia

Abebe Bikula was the first African to win gold in the Olympics marathon in 1660. Time is counted differently ; 6 O'clock is 12 O'clock. Coffee was first discovered by a goat herder in the Kaffa region. Ethiopia is the only nation that was NEVER colonized.
Dina Anteneh - Nama - (Official Music Video) - New Ethiopian Music 2015