Social Anxiety Project

Project By Selena (Violet) Ortega

What is Social Anxiety? How does it happen?

Social anxiety is the extreme fear of being embarrassed, judged, made fun of etc. It is not just simple shyness either. People diagnosed with this are most likely to have few to no social life at all, it also goes with romantic relationships making them feel useless, alone or even ashamed of themselves. "Social Phobia" usually starts during childhood or the teenage years. Typical age when Anxiety starts is 13 years old.

What are the major symptoms for Social Anxiety?

  • You're really anxious when you're around people.
  • You're self-conscious in front of other people and feel embarrassed or out of place .
  • You blush, sweat, or your hands shake/tremble around other people.
  • You feel sick very tummy sick.
  • You can't eat in front of other people without feeling embarrassed or judged.

How are people treated for it? And what types of therapy

Social Anxiety is normally treated with psychotherapy, meds, or sometimes both. Antidepressants are used for depression but they can also be used for Social Anxiety, in fact they are probably most prescribed than anti-anxiety pills. Some people do better with the therapy than the meds or some people do better with the meds than therapy.

What to do/ not do when encountering someone like this

  • Never make someone who has Social Anxiety feel bad because of their anxieties.
  • Always try and help them so they can overcome their anxieties.
  • Never pressure them to be around a lot of people.
  • If they begin to have an anxiety attack help them calm down.
  • Never make them feel responsible for their illness.

Fun Facts