The Epic Adventures of Florida

Tyler Brown 20

Day: 1 Visiting the Jacksonville Naval Air Station

Today you will visit the Jacksonville Naval Air Station. In the 1930's all of the vacant land in Florida was used to train troops for world war 2. Today when you go to the Jacksonville Naval Air Station you will tour the base for a few hours. The base is still active today. So they might not be able to talk much but you will see some amazing tech and aerospace feats.

After a tiring day at the air base you will stay at the Breakers for your adventure. In 1942 military bases were overcrowded because of world war 2. So they started taking over hotel facilities to house soldiers.

Day 2: Collier Seminole State Park

Today you'll visit the Collier Seminole State Park. It's home to the Seminole indians. It also has a rare breed of royal palm trees, there are only 3 left! The scenery is fabulous. With beautiful swamps and woods. After you explore enough you'll eat at the Blackwater Inn Riverside Restaurant . They serve classic American and indian meals. Such as burgers corn etc.

Day 3: Jewish Museum Of Florida

Today you'll visit the Jewish Museum Of Florida. It has everything about Jewish culture and tech from the beginning, such as inventions and miracles. It also housed the first Jewish congregation in Miami Beach. It also talks about the countries surrounding Israel. ( They all hate Israel). Trust me it'll take up the whole day.

Day 4: FUN DAY at Lake Boca

Today you'll spend the entire day at Lake Boca. You can go tubing or swimming in Lake Boca. There are also great restaraunts around when you get out of the water. Or you can suntan and watch the scenery or bird watching. There are plenty of native species of bird.

Day 5: Gladesman Culture and Folklife tour

Today you'll take a tour of the Everglades. You'll learn how early settlers of the Everglades lived. You'll travel to an original Gladesman camp with working artifacts. You'll also see traditional gladesman skiff, animal traps, gator hunting gear and other varieties of tools. Also you will be informed how the envirement was used in day-to-day life. You will also be educated on the other tools they used.