Physical Activity


Mental Emotional

Running helps mental emotional health because it one makes you feel better about yourself. By either your physical appearance or simply the sense of accomplishment. Two, it releases chemicals that make you less stressed and who likes being stressed out all the time? Three, it helps clear your mind and focus on an important issue, like a test or something else. Fourth, it is an extreme mental challenge to run great distances, by doing so you improve you mental state-of-mind.


One: like mental emotional health, by running you clear your mind of your problems and you can focus. Two, it sharpens your senses and by running you can even improve your observation skills. Three, by engaging in such a vigorous work out you will be happier with yourself and feel more confident, which helps you in school. Four, by pushing yourself in running you improve your mental strength, which is a useful tool while learning. All of these things are benefits in school and are very good perks to the simple exercise of running.


One, running in cross country I have personally made some very good friends, and that makes running good for my social life. Two, in fact most of my close friends are in cross country, which not only adds to the fun but it means that they're pushing me to get better improving every part of the health square. Three, different events where you may meet people who also run, you could become friends and typically because of the state-of-mind that running gives you, friends you meet will typically make good friends. Four, running could also take away from your social life if you need to run but someone say invites you to a party or if someone just wants to hang out and you can't because of running.


First, running helps a lot with your cardiovascular health and leaves you feeling fresh. Two, it builds muscles, by running either endurance or speed you (if not already) will get strong legs and abdomen. Three, running forces you to push through pain or it gives you the easy option of surrendering to the pain and giving up whenever you feel like it. This not only benefits your mental strength but physical as well. Lastly, running is the perfect work out because it is perfectly measured to you personally, you run until you feel like dying right there and then you run further and further and further. No matter your current physical shape, this principal always works and it brings results. Whether those results are losing weight or toning your body it is always a great exercise that should never change.