Adolf Hitler

biography by: Jessie H

early life

He was born on April,20,1889. Hitler is one out of seven kids but him and his sister made it Thurgh all of his brother and sister did not Servie in there mother womb because she was begging her husband for more children. She got very sick and lost all of her children except Adolf Hitler and his sister. He was a good kid and he loved dogs. He joined the German army in World War I.
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He was the big boss for the Nazi's the general of the Nazi army. Hitler tortured the spies and he would torture them to see what they knew. If they knew a lot he would kill them. He would torture them by threatening to kill them by burning them, shooting them, and by hanging them. He also left a bad look on society.

after life

After the war had ended, people would honor him by still wearing the swastika and would cut their beards into Hitler's mustache. He died April 30, 1945. There is a theory that he committed suicide or someone shot him. It is still unknown about his death. He had a bad impact on society because he tortured his own people. He put Jewish people in concentration camps.