Peek at the Week in Project Extra

Cami Webb

September 13, 2019

Wow! What a Week!!!

3rd grade - Next week is your week!!! I will have 7th and 8th graders standing outside the school with signs to greet you on Monday. They will walk you down to the cafeteria and to our classroom. We are so excited to have you here!!

4th/5th Grade - Once Upon a Time continued this week with students having to rescue Rapunzel from the tower. We also started our unit on Grit and what it means to set long term goals and stick with them and why are they important! Finally, we started our research on our Grow Towers, see the information below.

Middle School - We took a moment to reflect on 9-11 and its impact on the world. 6th grade did lyrical blackout poetry. They took lyrics from songs that were written in memorial of that day and turned it into poetry.7th and 8th-grade cross analyzed the attack on Pearl Harbor and Hiroshima with 9-11 and what were the lasting impacts of those events, how did our world change because of them. Then we researched our feudal roles in our kingdoms and are preparing for our simulation. Finally, we began our research on our Grow Towers.

September 13, 2019

Project Extra Evaluation

I am sharing with you an evaluation that will help our district make sure that Project Extra is providing what all stakeholders need and expect for this program. If you could please take a second to fill it out. You do not have to comment on all questions but if you do have suggestions or concerns in that area, please share. Teachers, administration, and parents are all encouraged to fill this out so that I can see everyone's perspectives and how I can better serve everyone's needs. Thank you!

Asynchronous Behavior - GRIT!

This week we took a survey, which I shared below, to see how gritty we were and where are our weaknesses. It was very interesting for students to see that it is not uncommon for them to share the same struggles and that their teacher also shares those struggle. For most of us, focus and interest are our biggest battles when completing a long term goal. We lose interest or find a shinier new interest often and struggle to stay diligent on completing the task at hand. We talked about chunking up the goal into smaller more manageable goals. We also talked about letting others help us complete our goals and that it is ok to ask for help. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness or failure, yet for too many of your students, it is. Unfortunately, they have heard the term, " I thought you were gifted.." one to many times and it creates anxiety and stress. Gifted does not mean gifted in everything, and many times giftedness creates more chaos in the brain which then makes it very difficult to focus and concentrate.

This is where advocacy comes in and the students are planning ways to advocate for themselves but also for our program. How do we explain what giftedness is and why we need Project Extra for support. I am very excited about the ideas that they have!!

Scholastic Book Orders

Several of the elementary kids requested access to the middle school level book orders. They are actually way better and focus on books instead of all of the knick-knack things. I have set up an online store and will also send home flyers. if you have never used the online order it is really easy and then the books will be delivered to me.