Mashburn Minute

Mashburn Elementary January 29, 2016

What's coming up!!!

Jan 29th - PTA mother son event

Feb 1st- house meetings, committee meetings

Feb 2- Groundhog Day

Feb 3- state wide tornado

Feb 8th - Faculty meeting

Feb 10th- The tooth fairy visits K, visitors from OHIO are here!! - lunch will be served again, Blue Bear

Feb 12th- School Holiday

Feb 15th - School Holiday

Feb 16th - DCD day am, school based pm

Feb 17th - In system job fair

Feb 19th - Father Daughter Dance

Feb 22nd - new teachers mtg

Feb 23rd - PRIDE

Feb 29th - Leadership mtg

Mar 7th - Committee Meetings

Shoes for Africa Shoe Drive - the goal is 700 pairs this year!!!

March 21-April 15

Thank you Jennie and Kim (2x) for fixing the laminator!!!

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We Are Connected!!

We Are Connected helps us understand that everyone who comes into our lives can help us live our dreams. Through this mindset, we learn to constantly explore synergies with others, embrace diversity, and relish the competition that will allow us to maximize our potential with and through others.

-Embrace Everyone! Every person that comes into your life has the potential to help you, hurt you, or have no impact at all. It would make sense to figure out how that person may be able to help you, because the other option means you are not getting better, but taking steps away from your dreams. People who live great lives embrace everyone, and are constantly seeking ways to serve and be served by those with whom they come into contact.

-Maximize positive relationships! Many people in your life lift you up and make you better. Unfortunately, there are also those that can bring you down. Work to spend more time with the people that empower you and less with those who don’t. Seek ways to get more out of and put more into the great relationships of your life!

–Build your Dream Team!Identify and build your Dream Team. These are the people who will help you live your dreams. Perhaps they have experience you can draw from, access to resources you will need, or can provide critical support to help you start living your dreams. The important step is to recognize the vital role others will play in your life, and deliberately begin developing the relationships you will need.

-Lead with Value! When you find people who can help you in life, start building those relationships quickly so the cycle of giving can begin. A lesson many have learned is that if you seek to help someone before you ask for help, you will ultimately get much more out of the relationship. Find ways to lead with value to supercharge new relationships.

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The power of love!