Sixth Grade Science

What are we doing this week?

MONDAY: Discussing mass, volume and density.

To prepare for our density lab we are doing to discuss mass, volume, and density. We will talk about how to use a triple beam balance and how to find the volume of an irregularly shaped object.
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Tuesday: Density Lab

We will find the density of 5 objects (2 regularly shaped and 3 irregularly shaped). The students will work in groups to first find the object's mass and volume. We will be finding the density of a cube of aluminum, a cube of copper, a key, a marble and a rock.
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Wednesday: Building compounds out of legos

We will be using Legos to build common compounds. We will also go over density problems from Tuesday's lab.
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Thursday: Cornell Notes over physical and chemical changes

We will be discussing physical and chemical changes and taking Cornell notes.

Friday: Vocabulary

We will be introducing our new vocabulary through a powerpoint and videos.

Fun Science Video

The chemistry of cookies - Stephanie Warren