and it's endless educational possibilities?

With just one google account you have access to a plethora of possibilities

Below are links to just some of the methods of implementing Google into your teaching:

Google Drive

- Almost like your 'H' drive in the clouds.

- It is has similar programmes to Microsoft Office (e.g. Word, PowerPoint and Excel) as well as many others available on the Chrome Store.

- This is accessible on most devices (e.g. phones, tablets and PCs)

- If this still is not useful try these video links...

Uploading and sharing files for new assignment submission

Google Forms:

Forms have a variety of educational uses including:

- Assessment (formative and summative)

- Assignment submission

- Recording Individual tutorials

- Creating forms and questionnaires

Creating/sharing Google Forms

Task 1

Access the shared document link below and complete the task:

Task 2

1. Obtain a shared link for the document

2. Use the link below to complete the below assignment submission form, entering in the shared document link

Task 3:

Whenever you create a Google Form a Google spreadsheet will be automatically created to collect the responses (answers).

1. Use the link below to access the responses to the assignment submission form to check that your submission has been received.

2. Check your Gmail to see if you have received a submission confirmation email.

Google Ed - 'Classroom Innovation'