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July 24, 2020

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A Note From The Principal

Greetings Parents,

We have just spent a week discussing ways in which we can continue to provide a high quality education to our scholars. Each conversation was driven with you in mind. We have received your request for both in school and eLearning opportunities. All request have been honored. To those who have chosen an in school option, please note that your safety and the safety of our staff is paramount. All scholars will receive a quality education regardless of your selection. Thank you again for your many emails and warm wishes. I am honored to serve as your principal.

Kindest Regards,

Dr. Sue Starr

E-Learning Option

As stated in our newsletter last week, we are offering an e-learning option for families that do not feel comfortable to return to in person learning. E-learning will involve a teacher providing live lessons each day. Scholars will be provided a device for e-learning. If you opt for the e-learning choice, there is a nine week commitment to this option. Please note, the PLA Virtual School is NOT our e-learning option. You do not need to enroll in the virtual school to receive the e-learning option.

If you are interested in your scholar participating in our e-learning option, please click this link and fill out the form. *NOTE* If you have already contacted Dr. Starr or Mr. Cassoday via email expressing your interest, we have already documented your preference and there is no need to submit on this form.

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Device Pick Up

Scholar device pickup is tentatively scheduled for August 3, 4, and 5.

  • August 3 - Grades K through 2
  • August 4 - Grades 3 through 8
  • August 5 - Make up day

Additional information and pickup times will be made available next week.

School Hours

Our school hours are changing slightly this coming school year.

7:45am - Doors open

8:15am - Instruction begins

3:00pm - Staggered dismissal begins (More info upcoming)

Dress Code

As you prepare to start the school year, please be sure you are following our dress code.

Shirt: Long or short sleeved polo. No t-shirt style shirts. Must be tucked in at all times.

Grades K-3: Red shirts only. Grades 4-5: Grey shirts only. Grades 6-8: Black or White shirts only.

Undershirts: Long or short sleeves. Must be tucked in at all times.

All grades: Solid white or black only.

Bottoms: Pants/Shorts/Skirts. Solid black or khaki. No jeans or cutoffs. Fastened at the waist. Walking length shorts/skirts limited to no more than 2" above the knee.

Sweater/Sweatshirts: V-neck, crew neck, or cardigan. No hoodies. Approved polo must also be worn.

All grades: Solid color, per grade color requirement.

Shoes/Boots: Closed heel or strap heel. Closed toes. Any color acceptable.

Masks: Scholars are required to wear the CDC-approved mask that PLA is providing throughout the school day. Scholars must wear a mask to and from school, but will be required to wear the one we provide during the day. No scholar will be permitted in the building without a mask. For the safety of every, masks are a non-negotiable.

Mark Your Calendars

Device Pick Up - August 3 (Grades K-2), 4 (Grades 3-8), and 5 (Make Ups)

Scholar First Day - August 11, 2020

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George and Veronica Phalen Leadership Academy is an A-rated, tuition free charter school serving grades K-8. Our scholars experience hands-on learning with high-quality teachers in small class sizes. We work to help our scholars master key academic skills, and demonstrate strong character, as exhibited by: honesty, service to others, a superior work ethic, and a strong vision for and belief in their futures.