Water Pollution

By: Maddie Fox

What Effects Does Water Pollution Have On Humans, Animals, and The Ecosystem?

  • Polluted water may cause bacteria that can cause serious illnesses or even death in some cases.
  • Industries and the government have spent billions of dollars trying to prevent water pollution.
  • Water pollution poses a serious public health problem. It also interferes with the use of natural resources and damages the environment.

  • Pollution can prevent people and wildlife from enjoying the full use of natural waters. For example, odors and floating debris may make boating and swimming unpleasant, and the risk of disease can make them unsafe.

  • Polluted water can and have killed many species.
  • Animals can eat garbage out of polluted water and die.

What Causes Water Pollution?

  • Around half of all ocean pollution is caused by sewage and waste water.
  • People that litter cause pollution.
  • Oil spills cause a lot of damage to ocean ecosystems.
  • Industrial waste.
  • Septic Tanks.

Solutions, Pro's, and Con's

Solution 2

Industries need to find more efficient ways to eliminate waste. Even though it may be expensive it is a lot better then dumping toxic water in to oceans, rivers, lakes, streams, etc.
factories can find a better dumping zone to where they do not pollute the water. I like this solution because industries produce about half of water pollution. The other half is by sewage and litter.