First Grade Fun

May 2016

Dear First Grade Families,

I can't believe the school year is almost over! In May, we had a great time at our field trip to the aquarium! Thank you to those of you who chaperoned. We also enjoyed the visit from the author Timothy Young. He read to us and showed us how to draw some pictures. This month we practiced and performed for the Celebration of the Arts. I was so proud of all the kids for all the hard work they put into it! The spring fair was so much fun! Thanks to everyone who made it a success. Happy May Birthday to Lola and Rita!

May was a great month! We read some great books like Winners never Quit, Inspector Hopper, and The Kite (Frog and Toad). In math, we learned more about fractions and adding two digit numbers. In science, we finished our unit on organisms. Thank you to those of you that adopted our guppies, snails, and millipedes! In social studies we learned about maps and directions. During word study, we learned about different suffixes like ly and er. During writer's workshop, we learned about and wrote poetry. We also had a chance to skype with our pen pals in North Carolina! We are looking forward to our trip to the Arden theater, game day, and the end of year party!