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English Pineda-Spring 2015

Journal Reflection

This is my best journal because it tells what I want to do in my future and how I want to be successful in life. It tells how I want to do good in school so when I graduate it will be easy to find a job. I liked this prompt because it was very interesting. It made me really think about what I want to do when I get older. It made go into detail about how I want my future to be and it made me realize that I need to do better in school. I also liked this prompt because I was actually able to use real life connections.

Student choice short essay

Is love stronger than hate? – Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare

I think love is stronger than hate because in “Romeo and Juliet” they fell in deep love but their parents didn’t like each other. They came from different families that were rivals. But even though their families didn’t like each other they didn’t care. They were in love and that’s all that mattered to them, they didn’t care what anyone else thought or said. Soo in the story “Romeo and Juliet” love was stronger than hate. But I have realized that love is stronger than hate in real life experiences.

Because when you love someone very much its like nothing can break yall apart. For example when i was going out with a gir she did something that made me hate her. I didnt talk to her for weeks but she was still on my mind. So one day i called her and told her i still loved her no matter what. So in my opinion i think love is stronger than hate because no matter how much you hate someone if you love them as much as you think you do then you will have there back all the time.

Semester Relection

Dear Self,

My favorite part of this semster is that everyone in my class was friendly and funny. Everyone always had a good time in class and majority of everyone usually got there work done in time.But my least favorite part of the semester was that some kids didnt know when it was time to be serious and do there work and thats when they would get in trouble. But as for myself i think i did a pretty good job. I think i stuck with a B+ or higher all year long.

Sincerley, Myself

Student Choice Short Essay #2

What's worth fighting for?

There is a lot worth fighting for. For example,in the "streets of Memphis" the boy had to keep fighting to eat. He had to fight for survival and to learn how to be a man. When he went home without any food his mom made him go back and fight not just quit. That's like fighting for rights or fighting for love or family. You fight for things that matter. For example when I was in 5th grade this boy tried to take my money but i fought back,because I needed my money to eat lunch. Or when I was in 7th grade a boy kept messing with my brother and he wouldn't stop so I fought for him and the boy stopped. But fighting for something isn't always violent.

When you fight for love it's not violent it's meaningful and pleasant. You can also fight for rights and freedoms. For example when Rosa Parks stayed in her seat in the bus even when the police said she had to sit back of the bus but she wanted to sit in the front with the whites. She wasn't violent she was peaceful. She fought for blacks to have equal rights as white people did.