In cartoons

Racism in Cartoon movies

Cartoons has been showing racist cartoons for a very long time.

Racism in Disney cartoon movies has been on the television for a very long time,

teaching kids how to stereotype Different cultures for example Lady and the Tramp stereotype the Asians with making the Siamese twins very mysterious and destructive, they also have slanted eyes . Peter pan is a popular movie that stereotypes Indians by showing them jumping around and hollering (make unnecessary noise), saying that there singing while excluding the girl there skin is also very red and at the begining there smoking. Princess and the frog presented the very first black princess but the more hostile character is trying to stop the princess from her goal he is also dark skinned, but in most movies the evil one is white or lighter coloured?

We are siamese if you please
Disney's Peter Pan - What Makes The Red Man Red ?

Racism in cartoons on television

Racism in cartoons that are on television is watched by many different ages. Family guy shows that Asians can’t drive. Bugs bunny and tweety show has a character named Yosemite Sam is always carrying a gun shooting an object because he’s from the west.

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racism in old school cartoons

Tom and jerry in one of there clips, show that Africa is not a friendly place and the people are not friendly. If you are not of the same colour you will not be safe, so they put on black paint on there face.

Tom and Jerry - Racist Cartoon 1920's
The Most Racist Cartoon Ever!

Racism in old school cartoons

The video above is an example of racism because in the beginning of this cartoon it shows black people as being lazy and boring.

old cartoon comic


This link shows two pictures one of a bunch of black people in line for free food then they said we will have enough money to buy cigarettes and meth.

The other one the second one them in school uniforms pretending to be students to get free food.

How to prevent your kids from racist cartoons!

Most shows have racism in it but there are shows that you can let your children watch like , Toopy and binoo ,my little pony ... for younger children. there are also shows for older children like Austin and ally,good luck Charlie,Jonny test are all shows your children can watch. But even better read a book with your child or get outside and play.