Sunday's Thoughts

February 27, 2017

Here is what is happening this week.

Monday: Normal Day

Tuesday: Head shaving at 2:00, No Good News, No faculty meeting, but we need to meet with the Literacy Team at 3:10 for about 45 minutes.

Wednesday: MAP Testing begins for grades 3-5. (Make sure you have talked with each of your students setting goals and stay with your class during testing.) Have students bring a book with them in case they finish testing early and take them to the bathroom before going to the lab.

Thursday: Normal Day

Friday: K4/K5/1st grade registration

Next Year

We are in the process of interviewing for next year. Due to student growth, we received an added position in addition to hiring two classroom teachers. So, we will be adding a fifth 3rd grade class and a fifth fifth grade class. You may see us walking teachers around after interviews in the coming weeks as we look to add new members to our school family.

CGE School Newsletter/Homework Card

We are working toward being as consistent as possible among grade levels. One way that we need to have some continuity is through our grade level newsletters and how we communicate homework to parents. We hope to have a CGE Newsletter/Homework card in the coming weeks that parents will see year to year. More info. to come.

Thursday and Friday

I will be out this Thursday and Friday at a ball tournament with Trent. Just wanted you to know. :-)

Amazing Shake

Every student who participated in The Amazing Shake last week was AMAZING! They spoke so well, kept eye contact, and just made us proud. Be sure to speak to all of the students who participated. Congratulations to our Amazing Shaker, Mr. Jack Callaham! We plan to use these students as ambassadors as we have visitors over the course of the year.

Praying for One Another

Please keep Laurie Brown in your prayers as her mom passed away. They had a small, family ceremony this weekend. Keep Laurie covered as she goes through this difficult time. Remember Mandy as she continues to rest at home. All tests were normal- such good news! Please also keep Cole Burdette and the Jacinto family (Palmetto Elementary family) covered in your prayers. Cole came through Cedar Grove. It is such a tragic event.

Remember to just pray for one another. With a school family our size, there are so many needs, some we may never know about. We all know prayer works, so remember our CGE family in your prayers. :-)

Baby Shower for Ethan's Wife

Ethan and his wife are expecting a baby at the end of March. We have planned a shower for he and his wife March 7th. Let's celebrate their growing family on the 7th at 3:15.

I hope you have a great week!