Coniferous Forest

By: Shyan Etemadi

3 Abiotic Factors




3 biotic factors




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The Coniferous Forest, full of wildlife and plants is the best place to go but lets not get off topic. The Coniferous Forest has many different types of animals from Wolfs to lynx. The average yearly preparation is 300 to 900 millimeters per year. The soil type there Pod zols which means A leached soil formed mainly in cool, humid climates. The temperatures there are usually -40c TO 20c the average summer temp is 10c.

how humans help and harm biome

Humans help by forbidding cutting down the trees.

Humans help by putting bans on hunting

Humans harm the forest by illegally hunting.

Humans harm by creating forest fires

Cool facts

– Coniferous forests acquire mild temperatures; abundant precipitation during fall, winter & spring; relatively cool, dry summer; rocky, acidic soils.

– Because of its lush vegetation, the northwestern coniferous forest is sometimes referred to as a “temperate rain forest.”