The Sewage Effect On Nature

At the Lake Tawakoni State Park

The Blue Catfish (Ictalurus furcatus) may be in trouble

Because of all the sewage and other organic matter (such as processed food) dumped into the lake by the visitors to the park, this species could be affected. The dissolved oxygen levels associated with microbial oxidation of the organic matter have been lowered, and the presence of fecal pathogens and parasites are rising. This is making it harder for the fish to breathe, and when the do, it's not good for their bodies. This is highly effecting the Nitrogen Cycle. It can be prevented by visitors picking up for themselves, taking only what they need, and spreading the word about pollution and littering.

This presentation is done by: Alex Dalton, Allan Slette, Sammy Hand, Nithin Pingili, Nick Moscati and Alex Powell.