Satire Box Presentation

Theresa Tye

What is Satire?

Satire is used by people want to fix something they think is a problem. They find a way to "make fun of" or ridicule someone's habits or way of doing things, something in particular that teaches a lesson and therefore tries to fix the problem. A caricature is an example of satire.
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American Dad

This T.V. show is an excellent example of political satire.

The Tools of Satire

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"Man, competition is getting tough these days."

This satirical cartoon focuses on how many homeless people there are in America.
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"Remember when she went to bed with her teddy bear?"

This satirical cartoon focuses on kids that are getting phones at young ages. All they focus on is their phones.
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This satirical cartoon focuses on gas prices. Gas prices have risen so much from what they used to be adults don't like it.
Artifact 1: What is Satire?

My very own meme

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