United Arab Emirates

UAE? Don't worry! It's not scare-y

Why go?

Wow! Great location! Right next to all those friendly middle eastern countries! Also off the coast of the Persian Gulf. Ooh baby look at that nice desert! It's all over the place here. You just can't get enough! Feeling chilly where you live? In the UAE it's always 70-100+ degrees Fahrenheit.

How's the culture?

What about the foreign culture?!

Not to worry! Feel there's a language barrier? Arabic is their primary language, but English is their second language. Careful, wanting to eat dinner? Have a little something to drink with it? It is very difficult to find pork anywhere, and also alcohol. Want to fit in and not look like a silly tourist? Listen to traditional Yowla music, wear traditional garb like Kandoora, and play some soccer or cricket with locals!

Want a little more depth?

There's two different large religious subcultures are the Sunni and Shia.

Recently the uprising known as Arab Spring, which called for overthrowing or changing the government, was starting to grow in the UAE. But the government suppressed most of the large movement leaders. The people are attempting to cooperate with the government to reform things.


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