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The Week of May 9th - 13th

Happy Friday,

Driving to work this morning I was reflecting on the week, the day ahead, and thinking about Kaye... This time of year, we are eager for Summer, getting a little less patient with each other and with some of our more challenging students.... I heard Kaye's positive words echo in my head... "I need to get back to the kids." "I love the staff." "I'm good, How is everyone there? How are you?" "I will be back as soon as the doctors will let me." I think while we wait for Kaye to return, let's challenge ourselves to be "a little more Kaye"! Kaye, I know if you are reading this, you hate it, but it is true! Approach each day with what we can offer others, what is good, show a little grace and patience..... Summer is coming but we have all been reminded, in a fierce way, not to sweat the small stuff. I adore each of you for what you bring to Beaty. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, and Happy Staff Appreciation Week!

Congratulations to Heather Schmitt! She was awarded a $1000 ATPE Grant for Educators! So proud! She went for it and got it!

Thank you to Jan, Elena, Bridgette, and Gerry for coming out on a Saturday morning to work the PISD Job Fair! Lots of eager candidates came out to visit!

If you are moving, you know by now. Everyone else can breath out! We will have all the logistics on the move to present to you on May 11th at the staff meeting. It will take all staff member participation and everyone will have a role to play. Please do not start packing or tearing down rooms. We have several weeks of instruction and learning to go. Everyone should stay focused on students and learning.

Thursday, May 12th, we will have a group here from Odessa, TX to tour and learn about our program. The building looks great, let's just keep it up!

Great American Clean Up is happening and we are partnering with Market Street. Volunteers will be here to spruce up our playgrounds, fill our sand tables, plant some flowers, power wash, paint, etc...! The dates will be Saturday 5/21 and Saturday 5/28 from 8-12. Please let me know if you are available to help supervise on one or both of those mornings!

Coming soon:

Monday, May 9 Brooke Johnson Wedding Shower @ 3:15 (MPR)

Tuesday, May 10 Prayer for Kaye @ 7:45 in N5

Tuesday, May 10 Parent Coffee @ 8:30 and 12:30 (MPR)

Tuesday,May 10 TL Mtg @ 3:30

Wednesday, May 11 All Staff Mtg @ 3:30

Thursday, May 12 Mobile Classroom @ 10:00

Thursday, May 12 Dental Visit

Thursday, May 12 CMIT @ 3:30 ( Conf. Rm)

Thursday, May 12 Tour Odessa Group

Thursday, May 12 TOTY Dinner

Friday, Campus Tour @ 1:00

Friday, N6 Mtg @ 11:00 (MPR)

Upcoming May Birthday Girls:

Tiffany Pi 5/14

Allie Bitter 5/18

Jenny Bolivar 5/21

Janice Blake 5/25

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Happy Friday!

Beaty Brag Board

Here's the chatter!

  • Words can never express my gratitude for my ultra fantabulous TA Lisa!! Amazing in every way. I Love your heart for our classroom. Our students appreciate your patience. We had an awesome and FUN year with our students! ~ Fabby
  • I’d like to brag on Elena for being incredibly supportive during what has been a crazy year for me. It has meant so much! ~Megan
  • Thank you to Ms. Schuller!! You always go out of your way to make my students feel loved and important. I love the way you are always willing to learn Spanish. Beaty students are Blessed to have such a compassionate Bibliotecaria!! ~Fabby
  • Mysti- thanks for taking awesome minutes! Very professional, concise, and informative. ~Sandra
  • Sydney- you rock at ARDs! You never fail to make them family friendly with the best pictures to display for parents! ~Sandra
  • Krista- thanks for always being so helpful with anything and everything and making me laugh at least once by the end of the day!~Sandra
  • Thank you to Alesia for always being a positive and supportive Supervisor. Alesia you are a blessing to our Speech group. ~Fabby
  • Thank you, Jackie Focke, for your support and assistance! You are my life saver during this crazy-busy time of the year! ~ Stephanie
  • Elena- Thank you for sharing your resources and great ideas throughout the year. ~Iffat
  • Donna-Thank you for being so organized and always on top of everything that needs to be done. ~Iffat
  • I would like to brag on our principal, Dr. Dina Rowe, for hosting the legislators and our Plano ISD leaders during the legislative breakfast. She did a great job of leading the campus tour and fostering an increased understanding of our students’ needs and the important work we do each day. ~Jan
  • Dendy and Marta- Thank you both for your help with my daycare kids. ~Iffat
  • Thank you to Sonia and Cindy for always willing to share your supplies with us. My students always feel welcomed in your classrooms during holding. Lisa and I appreciate your kindness. ~Fabby
  • Thank you for your friendship Maria! You are amazing at everything you do!! I can always count on you when I'm homesick or when I need uplifting words. ~Fabby
  • Thank you, Suma and Mayra for always doing such a fantastic job with our art center. You have out done yourselves with all the spring activities. ~Sonia
  • I want to give Neighborhood #1 a high five for being such an amazing group of supportive, creative, and energetic women. I feel lucky to work with you all. ~Sonia
  • Thank you to Mayra for always helping me with finding the correct Spanish word when I get stuck in translation. Siempre tienes una sonrisa y eres una super TA. ~Fabby