more harm than help

Say No to Clones!

Cloning is a dangerous idea, full of controversy and risks. The myriad of probable flaws outweighs the possible successes. Don't fall for the false promise of a better, healthier world that cloning brings. Cloning should not be done on humans or animals because it could cause conflict between people, be used for the wrong reasons, and it is all around too risky.

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The (opinionated) Human Race

The picture above represents the division this world has. For every thought, or opinion, there is an opposing view. This is one of the main reasons cloning shouldn't occur. Vegans, vegetarians, certain religious groups, and political parties would rise up against cloning. There are ethical problems that would cause protests and strikes in groups like the pro-life organization or the people against animal testing. In a world where people use their words as weapons and their weapons as a means of conflict resolution, the probability of violent repercussions is extremely high.
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Cloning Falling into the Wrong Hands

Obviously the picture above is a more G rated example of how cloning could go wrong. The story of this lady, Danielle Tarantola, is that she paid $50,000 dollars to have her dead dog, Trouble, cloned. Though wanting to clone your dead dog isn't alarmingly crazy, the lack of research she did on the overall humaneness of the process is. The people that cloned the dog gave vague, and uncertain information on the well being of the dogs mother. Some cloning places give the surrogate dog mothers to restaurants to be eaten. This brings up other possible misuses of cloning. Human's could be cloned for the sole purpose of organ donation. This brings up the question of rights for clones. If clones are given rights and they do not consent to organ donation money was wasted as well as time. If clones are not given rights than they could be treated as slaves or abused without fair trial. Big corporations could eventually, when cloning would become less costly, make sweatshops full of clones. Even if the clones had basic human rights those rights could easily be overlooked by hurtful people. The topic of cloning animals brings more concerns of misuse. If animals are already manipulated, modified, and domesticated by humans. bringing clones in the mix can only bring greater harm and controversy. Animal testing happens all around the world and if the opportunity to make many seemingly dispensable test subjects presented itself these companies would get bigger and more powerful.